Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Catfish...yes they eat poop in the wild

I have a catfish specific obsession. I grew up spending my summers on the Mississippi River where plenty of people eat the dirty ass cat fish that comes from the Muddy Mississippi, BUT my mother was a proper east coast woman and she drilled it into my head that catfish are dirty because they eat poop therefore I should steer clear. It wasn't until I was much older that I figured out that most of the cat fish served at restaurants (versus random shacks on the side of the Great River's in Illinois) are farm raised therefore they are eating plenty of shit, but just not literal shit (or at least here's to hoping). Anyway, I LOVE catfish!

Last weekend, Kyle and I went to our favorite Burmese food restaurant, Mandalay Restaurant and Cafe...and by favorite, I mean the only one we've been to, but it is delicious. You can order food from mild to spicy to so spicy that you want to die. I am usually an extremely adventurous eater, but every time I go to Mandalay I order the "Sea Food Number 2". I feel like such a tool ordering the same thing time after time, but I LOVE it. The dish contains pieces of catfish lightly fried then mixed with a thick and spicy tomato based sauce and sauteed peppers and onions. The fish has a lightly crunchy outer layer and inside it's flaky and moist. I order it "spicy" because I like to punish my ass, but you can order the dish at any level of spice.

Mandalay also has a ton of great vegan entrees. They even have two vegan desserts which are both incredible...sticky rice made with coconut milk and brown sugar as well as rich and creamy coconut milk ice cream.


  1. I LOVE coconut milk ice cream! Great post, Lammers. You always make me laugh.

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